16612 km apart but no spaces between us.
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Anonymous asked:
back in adelaide? what are you studying?

yeah :) social work and international relations !

adelaide winter bloom


Amelia Zadro by Alessandro Casagrande

following back everyone, msg me if i miss you x
Anonymous asked:
where are you? what are you up to?

I’m back home now, starting uni tomorrow !

cluster-of-spiders asked:
Happy Birthday :) xx

thank you!


(by argijale)

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Burnt film & surfers, Hawaiian Coconut. 

love film


guys. my computer has water damage. so unless i backspace and fix everything, my sentences woulxd loo,k li,ke this. i’m bnot ecvebn ,kixdxdibng. it’s so frustratibng. hebncve why i hacvebn’t bneebn obnlibne mucvh hahaha sorry guys. this isbn’t ecvebn a jo,ke. 

something--peculiar asked:
happy birthday, lovely. i don't care for my birthdays either but i do hope you have a surprisingly beautiful day x

aw thank you :) so sweet xxx

Anonymous asked:
Where were you born?

adelaide, australia