16612 km apart but no spaces between us.
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you guys dont understand oh my holy god

Omg so hungry kids were like 3 songs into their set and then dean in the microphone was just like ‘is Parisa here?’ And I was front row and I was screaming and all my friends were pointing at me and then they were like ‘this girl has been talking to us on twitter for 6 years and she’s been a pain in our ass (I don’t know if they were kidding) and this song’s for her’ and then Kane (the pianist) was like talking to me from the stage and he was like are you glad we found you? And I just madly nodded and then they played set it right and then at the end of the gig Kane told the security guy to give me a set list ahhhh I’m in love I love them so much holy Jesus like that actually happened oh my god i want to cry or vomit i can’t decide

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1 year ago
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